Uber Disabled Brake In Accident That Killed Pedestrian

The emergency brake in an Uber vehicle had been disabled when it struck a pedestrian in Arizona back in March 2018. The woman was killed instantly. This was one of the first fatal crashes involving a self-driving vehicle. The car had identified that the emergency brake needed to be applied 1.3 seconds before the acciden occurred.

However, the emergency brake had been disabled. This story is one reason that many people are opposed to self-driving vehicles. Uber stopped testing self-driving cars before the accident occurred. It plans to start test-driving cars again this summer. However, they plan on using fewer cars.

Christopher Hart is the chairman of the NTSB. He stated that changes will be made in order to make self-driving cars safer. He did state that all of the self-driving cars components were operating properly at the time of the accident.

Elaine Herzberg is the 49-year-old woman who was killed by the Uber vehicle. She was walking across the street with her bike. She was struck by the vehicle at a speed of 39 miles per hour.

There was a safety operator in the car at the time of the accident. However, he was looking down when the accident occurred. The accident is still being investigated. A preliminary investigation has revealed that Elaine is partially at fault for the accident. She was not looking in the vehicle’s direction when the accident occurred. She also tested positive for drugs.

William Wallace is a senior policy analyst for the Consumers Union. He stated that Uber is reckless. He also stated that the accident proves that the world is not ready for a self-driving car.

Timothy McNulty is the spokesman for the mayor. He is demanding a full investigation of the accident. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has stated that they will not start testing self-driving cars until Uber takes the necessary safety tips.

Uber is no longer allowed to test self-driving vehicles in Arizona. The NTSB has stated that it will not release the final details about what caused the accident until it has been fully-investigated for one year.

There was another fatal accident involving a self-driving car in 2017. The accident occurred in Florida. The accident occurred after the semi-autonomous autopilot system failed.

The general public is less trusting of self-driving cars than they were in the past. A recent report said that 73 percent of people are afraid to ride in a self-driving car. Only 63 percent of people were afraid to ride in a self-driving car in 2017.

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