Boating Accident / Personal Watercraft – Settlement of $250,000

“Boating/ personal watercraft accident which occurred on February 19, 2012 while operating a Sea Doo personal watercraft in Riviera Beach, Florida. Plaintiff claims the Defendant was negligent in not properly servicing the Sea Doo, causing the Plaintiff to crash. I got on the Seadoo at the dock. I had my life vest on. Paul pushed me off into the water. …

Boating Accident – Settlement of $300,000

Friend driving boat, hit floating fishing buoy, metal weight struck face. Resulted in “Left Eye Injury – Requiring Surgery Nasal Bone Fracture, Orbital Rim Fracture, Malar (Cheek) Fracture Infra Orbital Nerve resulting in Removal of Foreign Body Orbit, Reconstruction of Canilicule and Tear Duct with Silicone Implant NL Duct, Repair of Medial Canthus and Repair of Eyelid Laceration.”

Auto Accident / Rear-Ended – Settlement of $200,000

Cars came to a stop due to red light. Jamie slowed down and was rear ended. “Neck, radiating into shoulders, low back Central Herniation at L4-L5 confirmed by way of discography, which necessitated a transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion. “